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R2R Heat  Press

Roll to Roll Label Press

The Roll to Roll Label Press, auxiliary for the roll to roll screen printing machine, Ease to transfer all roll labels.

2 -Color Screen Printing Machine

2 Color Screen Printing Machine Roll to Roll

Feeding Unit + 2 Printing Stations + Tunnel Oven line

Shafless Letterpress Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine

Letterpress Label Printing Machine

Shaftless intermittent rotary letterpress printing machine carry the patented technology - Automatic Plate Alignment

Washing Care Label Printing Machine

Care Label Printing Machine

The whole line of the care label printing machine including the feeder, printer, and dryer, the UV Curing or IR Curing for an option.

6 Colors Intermittent Rotary Letterpress Label Printing Press

Intermittent Rotary Letterpress Printing Machine

Intermittent Rotary Letterpress label Printing Press carry the patented technology - Automatic Plate A?lignment for 15 years of professional experience.

Roll to Roll  Printing Machine

PET Film Screen Printing Machine

Find here the PET Film Screen Printing Machine which provides high-quality printed product to help any silk screen printing company the high demands to come true.

Automatic Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine

Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine

This is specially-designed web-fed screen printing machine for flexible stock, in a roll such as RFID, Electronics-FCB (Flexible Circuits Board), Membrane Switch, IMD and Diffusers, Heat transfer paper/film, rubber vulcanization, Stickers, OPP, PVC, PC, PET, Plastic Leather, Aluminum Foil and so on.

 Label Samples Show for roll to roll screen printing machine

Roll Screen Printing Machine Samples

All of the Samples come from the customer's factory, and we could send all kinds of samples to you if possible.

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7 working day deliver  roll to roll silk screen printing machine

7 working day deliver roll to roll silk screen printing machine

Seven working days deliver the roll to roll silk screen printing machine 1, How dare to we so say? ----we have 9 models of printing area to provide ---they are the width x length, ----such as 300 x 400mm, 460 x 560mm, ----500 x 600mm, 550 x 700mm, 500 x 800mm, ---- 600 x 800mm, 700 x 600mm, ----500 x 1200mm, 600 x 1600mm, 1500 x 1000 mm , these sizes machine in stock. ------what kind of your printing area size do you need? 2, What about your special printing size? ---of course, we can customize your special printing size for yours.

加拿大预测pc28:Automatic Label Counting Machine

Lingtie Machinery is a manufacturer of the Automatic Label Counting Machine in China for 15 years. We are an OEM factory also. Looking for agent or distributor all over the world.
  • 北京28预测 Brand:

  • Item NO.:

    LTD- 400B
  • Price Range:800 - 3000/$1
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  • Lead Time:

    7 days after received 30% payment
Product Detail

Description of Automatic Label Counting Machine

 The machine helps you to count the number of labels conveniently and fast, adopt different mechanical shafts or air shafts, interchange various core sizes, diverse of roll diameter and speed adjustment these units present the most versatile way to get the job done.

With an unmatched 2-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty, all Lingtie Machinery Co. Ltd. Produced Label Rewinding Machines design for worry-free 24/7 running. 

Specifications for Automatic Label Counting Machine

Model : LTD -400A

Max. roll diameter: 450 mm

Winding speed :30 -120 meter / minute

Allowable Weight: 40 kg

Power : 0.12 kW

Power supply: 220

Packing Size : 94 x 65 x 58 cm

The Features:

1, the size of the rewinding shaft and the unwinding shaft could be different. (the core inside diameter is different )

2, the size of the rewinding plate and the unwinding plate could be different. (the label roll width is different ) 

3, the mechanical shafts or the air shafts are an option.

We can customize a particular machine for you basic on the below details. 

Max.label roll diameter about your reel,

Approximate max.label roll weight of the reel,

Expected rewinding speed do you need,

Required unwind shaft diameter

Required rewind shaft diameter

If the  Label Counting Machine require multi-diameter shafts which two diameter shafts most often use?

Label roll material? paper or PET film

the label material is transparent or not.

Relate rewinding machine

FAQ Details

1, Are you a manufacturer or a distributor?

---We are a professional manufacturer for 15-years in China.

----There are so many models of the Label Rewinder Machine in our workshop which ensure short delivery time and can reduce your waiting cost.

2, What kind of material does your Label Counting Machine rewind?

---Most of the material could be rewind in roll form, including the elastic material. Before your order, you can send me some samples is the best way.

3, What the maximum width of the material could be rewind?

---The standard width is 150mm, 170mm, 300mm & 600mm, and another width we can customize for the client.

4, Is there any additional function of your machine?

---Yes, Count Meter, Count Piece, Tension Control, Web guide, dust removing, Static Eliminating for an option.

5, How many sizes of shafts do your machine use?

---The standard shaft size is 25mm, 38mm, 76mm ( 3 inches), and another size we can customize for the client.

----There are two kinds of shafts for choose, air shaft, and mechanical shaft. ( air shaft need a compressor to expand)

6, What is the maximum reel diameter of your machine?

----The standard reel diameter is 300mm, 350mm, 450mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650mm, 670mm.

7, What's the Label Counting Machine price?  

----The price according to your side demands, and the price range: 800--7000 $

8, What are the Certifications of your machines?

----We have CE Certificate & ISO Certificate

9, How can you promise that Each Component, 10-years non-rusting?

-----We have the Self-Machining CNC Center and each process under the strict quality control,  which is one of the ------conditions that ensure the stability of the Laber Counter Machine

10, We supply OEM/ODM Service to the worldwide clients.

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